All I Want For Christmas is Amelleé Pearls

Christmas 2017 is all about Sterling Silver And Pearls. There’s nothing that says summer quite like the soft lustre of a pearl, born from the ocean and mother nature herself. Transform casual chic into elegant sophistication with a simple pearl earring or amp up the glamour in your evening wear with layered necklaces.

Whether you choose to have a pearl ring fling or drape yourself in opulent bracelets, necklaces and earrings, the Amelleé Venus Collection has something to flatter you.

Layering bracelets

Adorn yourself in pearl bracelets from the Amelleé Venus collection. For an exotic look, choose sultry black pearls or opt for classic white set in Sterling Silver. The bangle lovers haven’t been neglected! The Venus Bangle is a simple, refined design with a single and subtle pearl accent.


If you prefer interesting shapes and textures in your accessories, the Venus cushion shaped rings will delight your senses. Try stacking these to create your own exclusive look. For those who prefer a simple shape, wear alone.

Statement earrings

Elongated shapes add elegance to a simple outfit and eliminate the need for any other accessories. Draw attention to your newly bronzed cheekbones with our exquisite Venus drop-earrings.

Simple studs

A must have for every woman. A classic pearl earring is the perfect touch to your vintage outfits and to add a touch of class to your everyday look.

Sophisticated pendants

A pendant is a simple go-to accessory for summer to pair with a plain white tee, or to add a touch of old Hollywood glamour to your evening wear.

Pops of pearly colour

Evoke the mermaid within with deep purple and turquoise tones. Gorgeous dark grey pearls will complement even the stormiest of personalities. For some added fun with texture, check out the luxurious stingray leather designs from the Amelleé ‘Art’ collection.

A twist on the classic pearl necklace

Looking for something classic yet edgy? Amelleé delivers on this demand with charming pieces featuring white, grey and black pearls, paired with amethyst, white topaz, silver and white rhodium plating. You cant go wrong, all of these stunning pieces are designed to be worn together.

Capture the beauty of a goddess with Amelleé’s Venus Collection

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