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Celebrate Mum’s Special Day With Amelleé

It’s hard to believe it I know, but just look at that calendar fly! April is almost behind us and do you know what that means, it’s time to start thinking about how to show your Mother some love on Mothers Day. A simple token of appreciation for all the things she does for you throughout the year.

That’s right: just two Sundays into May and it will be Mum’s special day once again.

Civilisation has been observing Mothers Day of one sort or another since the days of ancient Greece and Rome, when the mother goddesses Cybele and Rhea were worshipped.

On this day, all over the world beloved Mums are given flowers, chocolates and nick-nacks for Mothers Day. But it will come as no surprise that we think your Mum will really deserves a bit of sparkle!

Here are our top 4 choices of what to get your Mum on Mothers Day from the Amelleé Collection.

1. A heart

If there’s a place for Mum, it’s in your heart. So give her something with that unmistakable shape of love.

She not only gave you life, she looked after you, put up with your nonsense … and hardly ever yelled. So give her a heart-shaped charm, pendant, ring or pair of earrings, so she can remember how grateful you are every day.

2. A rose

When you really want to show someone you love them, reach for a rose.

It’s not just the symbolic flower of love, it’s the word that means pink or red in many languages – so think outside the box and get Mum some Rose Quartz jewellery for Mothers Day.

The light pink hue of Rose Quartz is a beautiful pick for Mum, and is set in rings and pendants and earrings and more. Better still, it’s famous for representing love and healing – and she’ll never forget that once you tell her.


3. A pearl

If hearts and roses represent love, then the pearl is all about wisdom. And is there anyone wiser than your dear old Mum?

According to mythology, pearls attract wealth and luck but they also safeguard relationships and keep children safe – and that definitely sounds like your Mum.

And for a little of your Mum’s fabled mystery, why not embrace a dark freshwater pearl variety for her this year?

4. A ring

Did you know Mothers Rings are actually a thing?

Lord of the Rings showed us the epic power of the ring – but what’s more powerful than the love, protection and guidance of your Mum?

Typically worn on the right hand and stacked with other rings, there aren’t too many rules here. Gemstones are a safe Mothers Ring pick, though, and Amethyst is strongly linked with the sort of intuition that Mums are famous for.

So if you call someone Mum, the second Sunday in May is the perfect opportunity to show them just how much you care … because who deserves something sparkly more than she does?

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