Autumn Trends

4 Ways To Pair Silver With Hot Autumn Trends

Autumn is truly the season of mixed feelings. Sandwiched between summer and winter, it stands for transition. Situated between Australia’s hottest weather and the chill of winter, it’s when leaves ‘fall’ from trees and when the sun starts to set earlier.

But it’s not just about change. Autumn stands for the unknown, comfort, protection, balance – and the beauty of letting go.

So let’s celebrate autumn with the feminine energy of silver! This style season, it’s a colour and a jewellery style that’s well and truly in – for great reason. Having a lot to do with this transitionary season of autumn, silver is all about ebb and flow, embracing the mysterious, and welcoming what’s coming next.

What’s hot in silver for autumn?

1. Mixed earrings

It started to be hot a couple of years ago, but for autumn 2018 it’s set to sizzle. We’re talking about mixed silver earrings – and make it weird, wonderful and obvious.

Grab something brash, dangly and artsy for one ear, and an equally stylish but obviously smaller and mismatched pick for the other. At the very least, you’ll catch some eyes.

2. Silver with autumn colours

It’s not hard to associate colours with autumn – and that’s more true than ever in this 2018 trend!

Autumn is all about ocres, browns and purples, signifying the change of weather and the falling of leaves. The easy way to celebrate autumn colours is by exploring the wonderful world of gemstones – think smoky quartz or a moody Amethyst, set in brilliant, versatile silver.

3. Jewellery layering

The trend of minimalist jewellery is well and truly in the past – so say hello to the big and bold layering trend of autumn 2018!

Luckily, pairing eclectic silvers is not difficult to do on your fingers, wrists or around your neck. Stack your favourite rings, mix and match multiple bracelets, and highlight a feature gemstone with some lower-profile necklaces in a variety of lengths.

4. Silver, large and loud

All this liberal layering means one thing – minimalist is definitely out for autumn 2018.

So stop being scared of the brash and chunky, and go large and loud this season. No, it’s not the showy bling-bling style, it’s more about empowerment by being bold with courageous choices you’re prepared to stand by.

It means big hoops, wild shapes, and eye-catching selections that mean business and make no apologies.

So embrace the big, bold, colourful and brave this autumn by matching silver with the hot style trends of the fashion season. And as ever: don’t forget to have some fun along the way!

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