The Jewellery

Authentically designed

Plating & Finishing
Stingray Leather

By utilising 925 sterling silver as the base metal, Amelleé is able to focus on providing distinct and beautifully designed pieces filled with substance and quality while simultaneously attaining prices that are accessible to consumers.

All of our pieces are of 18k gold quality and may be ordered in gold or platinum. All specials orders are limited edition, will be hand made by our head jeweller and individually numbered.

All Amelleé pieces feature a unique 3 coat plating system, in the following order for durability and tarnish resistance: Silver, Palladium and White Rhodium/Black Ruthenium.

The Amelleé Fishnet Pattern has been finished with a special grade sandblast finish. All pieces are hallmarked with the Amelleé 925 stamp and our signature pink ruby.

Amelleé only uses natural gemstones which we source from around the globe.

All of our gemstones are hand cut and calibrated to our exact specifications. We employ expert setters to set our gemstones into our designs. All of our gemstones are of premium eye clean quality (where the cut and nature of the gemstone permits). The current Amelleé collection boasts a wide range of gemstones and cuts to suit a variety of tastes and pricing levels.

All Stone Carat Weights are calculated based on the average single stone weight from a bulk quantity and may therefore vary slightly.

All Amelleé pearls are cultured South Sea, Tahitian or Freshwater Pearls.

Pearls are all handpicked, perfectly round, and showcase exceptional colour & lustre.

Our exotic leather jewellery is made using only genuine stingray leather

The leather has been treated and coloured to create a vibrant rainbow of colours. We only use the finest stingray leather and employ leading manufacturers to attain high-end finishes.