Swiss Blue Topaz

Clear as the Caribbean: Swiss Blue Topaz

Swiss Blue Topaz is a very popular choice of gemstone for use in high-end jewellery. It’s no small wonder, as it has all the makings of a highly sought after adornment for women. With summer on our doorsteps here in the Southern Hemisphere, who can resist looking like a glamorous water nymph?

Solid and reliable, Swiss Blue Topaz possesses an ideal solidity. In fact, it is one of the hardest of all gemstones. There is no doubt that its durability lends itself to its popularity, as well as its universally flattering clarity.

The natural colour of many Swiss Blue Topaz stones is such a light shade of blue that it appears almost clear or white. With a special irradiation treatment, the topaz is transformed into a deep blue stone that is so mesmerising.

The attractive, vivid colour of Swiss Blue Topaz that resembles the backdrop of a dream getaway to the Caribbean is what makes it truly irresistible. Now that you’ve got your little drops of flawless ocean from the Amelleé One Collection all you need to do is book your flight!

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