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How To Pull Off Statement Pieces

What better way to complete an outfit? There’s no denying, jewellery has the ability to take an outfit from drab to fab! However, there’s a fine line between subtle styling and obnoxious accessorising. So we’re helping you find the perfect balance with just a few simple steps.

Step 1. Keep It Simple

The key to accessorising is to ensure the rest of your look is relatively low-key. Let the jewellery shine! Coloured pieces are the best way to spice up a monotone outfit, adding the perfect amount of vivacity. Whether it be your favourite little black dress or your every day work outfit,  pops of colour from silver and gemstones will complement your look and take it from boring to magnificent.

Step 2. Work with your neckline

The shape of your neckline will help to determine the shape, material and size of your statement piece. The relationship between the two is crucial! Neither the necklace nor the top should be compromised. Wide V shaped necklines work well with bold chunky jewels, whilst more conservative collars should compliment delicate subtle chain jewellery.

Step 3. Style your hair

When it comes to earrings, hairstyles play a pivotal role in maximising the drama and overall appearance of the piece. Long, dangly earrings look beautiful with side swept hair or a classic up-do. Whereas colourful studs work perfectly with a more naturally tussled style or half up half down.

Step 4. Take risks

Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. Statement pieces are beautiful additions to any wardrobe.

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